December 1st, 2013

Last thing Steve said to Howard Stark?

I do apologise in advance that this isn't the most usual of requests. I'm just currently doing an RP and have no access to any comics or the film to get what it was.
If someone could let me know what the last thing Steve said to Howard Stark was, that would be great. Alternatively, the script would be great.
Thank you!


I'm looking for a fic that had Clint being captured and hypnotized several years prior to working with the Avengers. He was placed under a kind of mind control (by a random SHIELD agent -- not Coulson) that forced him to obey orders. While his mind was still his own, he couldn't disobey a direct order, and couldn't tell anybody about the hypnosis. Prior to this, I think that he'd been a rogue agent that SHIELD wanted to bring in, but he'd kept refusing their offers. I don't think that anybody else in SHIELD was aware of the hypnosis -- Clint was brought in to work with them and, while I recall him being unhappy, I believe that everyone else thought that he was there of his own volition.

The agent who had captured Clint became his handler. I recall Clint either having a choice/being asked if the arrangement was okay with him, and of course he said yes, because this agent was the only person who knew about the mind control, and was therefore the only handler who wouldn't give him orders he couldn't escape.

The agent eventually died in a car crash, and Coulson became Clint's new handler. Clint didn't like him at first, but slowly grew to trust him. I don't think that Coulson gave out orders much, but other agents did. I recall a scene where a fellow agent (Sitwell?) had told Clint to go jump off the helicarrier as a joke, and Clint, having no other choice, jumped, but was saved at the last minute.

The rest of the fic deals with the events of the Avengers and how working in a team dynamic affected Clint. The rest of the team eventually found out after a mission in the jungle went wrong -- Coulson hadn't been there, and Clint's current handler had ordered him to put himself into a dangerous situation. The rest of the Avengers watched the incident go down via video feed and realized that that Clint wasn't himself. The rest of the story slowly came out.

I don't remember much else, just that Fury fired Clint and that broke the mind control for some reason.

It was up on, as I recall, and was Clint/Coulson preslash. If anyone could help me, that'd be great -- I've been looking for this fic forever!