December 7th, 2013

Tony/Steve, time travel fic, please help?

I have a problem. Steve/Tony was one of my favorites some time and I read everything I could find about them. Then I got addicted to the time travel fics where Tony is send back and meets Steve.
One fanfiction in perticular stayed in my mind but when I searched it with the tags I remember I came up with nothing :/

This is what I remember of the story: (It two or more years since I read it so I don´t know all)

The pairing was Steve/Tony, Tags: Time Travel,BAMF!Tony and it was finished.

The story is like this:
Tony wakes up on some hill, hung up and with some metall branded in his arm. He figures he did drunk engeniering again and something exploded. Then two police men showed up and asked who he was and stuff.
One of them looked at the wound in his arm and goes white and green. Tony thinks that the wound is nothing and that he got hurt more severly than this quite often.
He said than that he is Tony Stark and tells them to bring him to his tower. They are confused but think it´s because of his wounds so they take him with them to Howert Stark.
Here he slowly gets that this is not his time because of the cars and the lack of technology
The police brings him to his father. There he meets Steve(preserum) and the point of view shifts to him.
Steve brings Tony to a doctor who said he would heat up the metall untill they could move it out of the wound.
Tony then shouts him down, angry but controlled that before this metall is hot enaugh to meld his arm is burned off.
The rest of the story is kind of a blurr. I think Tony follows Steve on his way like in the movie discriped. ANd they get together but in the end Tony somehow is in the future again. Sorry if that is to vague.

Mostly though I love this fanfiction because how Tony is portrayed as a strong person and a genius even without the packup of his name and money. I searched a while but I can´t find it anywhere even thought I read it first on AO3.

My kidos to the person who would find it for me!

search: fic (specific), character: tony stark, theme: time travel, theme: tony (bamf), theme: steve (pre-serum), search: fic (delected)