December 11th, 2013

Steve's shoulder

Specific fic: space pirates-esque Steve/Tony

The fic I'm looking for is a space pirates-esque type fic (not a Firefly fusion, though). It starts with a teenage Tony getting kidnapped-ish by a newly re-awoken Steve (actually, I'm pretty sure he'd been actually dead), and then Steve escapes. Then in present-day, Tony ends up on Steve's spaceship (possibly Steve is a pirate?), and there are lots of other Marvel characters who work on Steve's ship (I remember Wasp and Spidey in particular). I also remember that there were space-hub AI things, called matroishka which actually had names of Norse Gods, that were committing suicide and Tony was sort of the only one who realized and he tried to stop one of them. The fic ends with [fic spoiler]Tony literally rewriting history, and Steve's the only one who remembers.

Found! Link in comments.
eilean donan
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Steve used to shine shoes

All I can remember of this is a conversation between Steve and Tony about how Steve's first job was shining shoes and then he worked up to selling shoes in a shop. I think it might have been in context of Steve trying to explain why he never thought of being an artist because there were so few jobs there wasn't a culture of people thinking to earn a living from their hobbies, but that may have been something completely different.

Any ideas?

Found by genre_savvy: Come At Me by Closer.

I mostly read fics on AO3, but I recently got an app that lets me download fics from onto my phone.

Can anybody recommend some good epic-length Avengers fic that's archived on

I read just about everything but deathfic. Het, slash, OT3, angst, fluff, AU, crossover - I'm just looking for some long, well-written stories to enjoy during my commute.