December 27th, 2013

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Not looking for any one fic but but more a type; non-human Tony. I started reading 'Sinus Venosus, Conus Arteriosus' ( Kinda Merman Tony but not really..? All in all its a good fic. ) and I'm dying for more alone that ine, I'm cool with any kind of pairing or verse. I'm just dying for something where Tony is more than he seems.

Please and thank you.

Clint angst


I'm looking for a Clint fic, but it may not specify that it's him in the synopsis.
Basically what I remember is that Clint has a kid, but someone, maybe the WSC, is holding them hostage, and only allows him to see the kid on a strict schedule. I believe the Avengers find out and they're pissed. Does that sound familiar. I read it quite awhile ago, so that's really all I remember.


First time doing this, so I don't think I did it right, but I tried to tag search: fic (specific), and character:Clint Barton, but it didn't work. (I'm kind of stupid at this, so sorry if it's completely wrong.)