December 31st, 2013


AU where Tony doesn't go back to the US

I'm looking for a fic I read ages ago, where Tony still builds the suit and gets out of the cave, but ends up living in another middle eastern country, making a living as a mechanic (who really hates Audi's, I think). He still is Iron Man and goes through palladium poisoning and ends up in contact with Bruce, who comes live with him. I'm pretty sure it's unfinished? Or at least it was when i read it. I've gone though a ton of my bookmarks and can't find it.

Looking for Clint with custody or as guardian of Barney's kids...

I just came from reading "Unexpected Doesn't Mean Unwanted by Florahart and "Say Uncle" by IamShadow2, in which Clint is caring for his brother's kid.

Are there any other fics where Clint is taking care of Barney's kid(s)?

PS: Because, let's face it, Barney Barton would be a *terrible* (horrible, awful, bad, no good) parent and would probably end up losing custody of his kids.