January 5th, 2014


Loki the businessman

Hello guys,

I'm searching for a Tony/Loki fanfic which I read maybe one year ago, probably on fanfiction.net or AO3. Definitely not on LJ.

Tony meets an incognito Loki during a business conference. Loki has a small business, which is growing bigger and later makes a deal with Stark's company. Anyway during the conference they become friends and in a special meeting Loki plays around with a cherry to distract himself and Tony, much to the embarrassment of the guy holding the presentation.
In the end of the conference Tony kisses Loki and then runs away...

But this is only the beginning of their relationship.

Thor, Asgard and the rest all exists. Loki just decided to become human and is undercover.

That's pretty much all that I can remember. Any one who remembers it? I would be very thankful.

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hey guys! I was hoping someone could help me find a certain fic?

it wasent really a relationship fic but more of a team bonding one. all I remember is that the team would get together for breakfast that steve would make, and tony and bruce would cuddle into clints stomach while steve made them huge cups of coffee. but tony would always be sleepy-suspicious despite the fact they did this nearly everyday and it made clint feel sad and want to cuddle him.

it was really sappy but I loved the hell out of it. if anyone could find it for me and link me the rec that would be great!

oh! and ummmm....any good steve/tony fics with some tony!whump would be nice, please and thank you! :)
Young Sesshoumaru

Tony finds Steve in the ice

Hi. I'm wondering if there are any stories out there where Tony (or one of his father's/Stark expeditions) finds Steve in the ice instead of however SHIELD finds him. And so Steve gets to know Tony before anyone else and things change from there...

The longer the story the better, but any length is fine. I'd prefer Steve/Tony for the pairing, but any pairing is fine too.


Looking for Rhodey/Natasha

My favourite super-rare-pair is Rhodey/Natasha. The AO3 tag for the pairing gives 6 stories with this awesome pairing and I wonder if there's more somewhere. Maybe stories where it's a theme but not tagged? Maybe another location?
I'm not really interested in Natasha-as-inhuman-battleaxe. I'm much more imagining that Rhodey's 'normalness' (yes, he knows about the Avengers and flies in a suit, but he probably also has a family to visit at Christmas) might be intimidating to Natasha

Actually, any recs for general Rhodey-getting-along-with-the-team fic? No Tony whump stuff please