January 18th, 2014

Two fics

Looking for two stories which have been on my mind and I can't seem to find them. They were both on AO3, I think, as that is where I mostly read.

1. Tony/Pepper/Bruce: All I remember about this that Pepper has a realization that Tony gives Bruce a place to stay and encourages their threesome relationship because Bruce is really hard to kill and he is making sure Pepper won't be left alone if he dies.

2. This one had some outside influence taking over Tony or his armour and causing lots of damage. Tony ends up in the hospital. The public thinks that Tony himself was responsible and eventually the recording of the Avengers' coms during the fight is released so that Tony stops being blamed. Natasha was reluctant to have the recording released as her name is mentioned and it totally ruins her undercover ability.

Matt Smith is smexy and funnay

Steve Doesn't Get Frozen/Doesn't Age

Hi! I have one fic that I vaguely remember. And then just a general question for recs.

1. My specific fic, and I remember seeing it on AO3, was one where Steve didn't get frozen. He marries Peggy and grows old with her. I also think he becomes a senator? Bucky, however, becomes the Winter Soldier and is unfrozen. So Bucky is still relatively young.

General: Okay so the general recs I would like to know is are their fics where Steve doesn't get frozen but doesn't age? Like due to the serum he ages really, really slowly? So instead of taking an ice nap, he lives through everything? But he still looks really young come the Avengers? Any recs for this type would be awesome. Also I don't care about pairings here. So anything you rec would be good as long as it keeps in line with some of it.

Young Sesshoumaru

Avengers and Sherlock Holmes (Downey version) Crossover Recs

I just recently saw Robert Downey Jr.'s two Sherlock Holmes movies. I'm hoping that you can recommend any crossovers with that Holmes universe and the Avengers. I'm particularly interested in any that involve Tony Stark (since Downey plays both characters and that could make for some interesting scenarios in a crossover), but any crossover fics are fine. Any length and any pairing is alright. Thanks!