January 24th, 2014


Thor & Loki share a bed (post-Avengers)?

Ok, this might be a little strange. I know there are fics out there where Thor and Loki sleep in the same bed for comfort (as adults) some time after the Avengers, either on Earth or on Asgard.

A few scenarios that spring immediately to mind are the "Thor-rescues-Loki-from-horrible-punishment-and-takes-care-of-him" one, the "Loki-is-on-the-run-and-Thor-takes-him-in" one, the "Loki-was-never-the-bad-guy-and-they-were-already-in-a-relationship" one, and so on. These are by no means the only ones I'm looking for. Hurt!Thor and Hurt!Loki are equally nice.

I would really like to read any fics that include bed sharing. Thorki slash or brotherly gen is fine. Endgame other slash pairing or even het pairing is fine. I just want them sharing the bed for the comfort of one or the other (or both) at some point.

Thanks so much!

Looking for two fics

The first fic I read several month ago, when I first watched all the movies and then started reading the fic.  Bruce Hulked out at the Tower, and while everyone else was a little freaked out, Tony and Hulk went out onto the roof to watch either the sun set or rise.  They were sitting on the edge of the roof with their feet dangling.

The other story I never read, but read the summary, and I thought I had marked it, but obviously didn't since I can't find it in my bookmarks.

The description on A03 was Tony and Steve had been captured and were being held in a cave, I think, and Steve was the injured one, and Tony was the BAMF/strong/supportive one during the kidnapping.

I appreciate the help in finding these stories.

Thanks much.

Edit: First story found while going through A03  It's Supernanny by ashinan.

Still looking for the second story.