January 29th, 2014

Scarlett Johansson

search for Steve/Tony fic with specific scene

I'm looking for a fic where Steve surprises Tony with a off-handed but sincere declaration of love. Steve is rooting through the refrigerator while Tony is ranting in the background, and Steve says something like, "Yeah, yeah, love you too." Tony is shocked, and Clint says to Steve, "I think you broke him."

Thanks for your help!

ETA: Came across it again on my own. It's I Know.
  • neqs

Requesting Natasha recs

Dear all, I would greatly appreciate some Black Widow fic recs. I'm looking for fics that really focus on and explore her character. Get, het, slash, it's all good, the longer the better, but short fics that pack a punch are also eagerly accepted. Thanks in advance!