January 31st, 2014


Looking for a Tony/Steve fic again...

I have been looking for this one a while now and i can't find it,
It was written in Steve's POV the only scen i remember. Maria hill was complaint about how much she had to pay the press from not printing a picture of Steve sleeping at Tonys gravestone. I can't remember if it was a death!fic or not either...
Steve may have been the director of shield, i'm not entirely sure.

anyone recognize this? help please =)
Young Sesshoumaru

Iron Man 3--Avenger reactions/involved

Hello, I just saw Iron Man 3 tonight and I was hoping for some fanfic recs.

Are there any stories out there where the other Avengers react to hearing about the events of Iron Man 3/what happens with Tony. Or are there any AU fics where somehow one (or more) of the others get involved in those events?

Also if you can rec. any of your favorite stories post-IM3 that deal with Tony's trauma that would be great!

Thank you!

Any pairings are fine. Longer the better but any length is alright.