February 5th, 2014


Looking for Barton story at beginning of Shield career.

I am looking for a story in which Clint joins Shield but has
to get his GED in certain amount of time. Except he doesn't
know how to learn and needs to learn how to ask for help.
I think it became a Clint/Coulson but I am not sure. I know
he spent a lot of time in Coulson's office.

I just read it in the last couple of months. I know it is not much but I
thought I would try.

Specific Steve/Tony

I think Steve was upset that Always-A-Girl!Tony was skipping out on team bonding and goes to find her. He finds her with a date, they maybe were making out and Steve scares him off? Then Steve/Ton(i) have sex, and it's a little dub-con-y and there maybe was some slut shaming dirty talk? I think I read it AO3, but I'm not 100% sure.