February 6th, 2014

Help me lure my friend into fandom with Loki/Thor recs!

I really need your help, guys.

Here's the thing: a friend of mine recently watched "Thor", and while she wasn't too overwhelmed by the movie, she was a little intrigued by what I told her about Loki and Thor's dynamics in fandom (well, that and she is quite taken with Tom Hiddleston... go figure. *grins*) - and she said, if I had any good fic she would be interested. Which is great, because she has teased me for my recent passion for Avengers fic (we both originally hail from the Supernatural fandom) and this seems like the perfect opening to lure her into Marvel fandom (and show her what she's missing out on! *grins*). My problem, however, is: I don't read much Thor/Loki. The "Thor/Loki" tag on AO3 is no big help, because there is just so incredibly much out there, and we all know that summaries can be misleading and sometimes the most amazing stories are hidden behind an awkward, empty summary.

So, do you have any recs for good Thor/Loki "beginners" fics? Or rec lists? Fandom classics?

My friend loves her schmoop, but she likes it with a side of angst and drama, and also she isn't squeamish - as long as there is a happy ending (and maybe even marriage!)! Brothers-to-lovers, redemption fic, mpreg (she was most intrigued by the possibility of intersexed!Loki!), anything really.

Mega-bonus: If any of the Avengers are included somewhere! Maybe even as a side-pairing, just so she can have a glimpse at what the Avengers fandom has to offer!

Thanks in advance!


clint/emotional pain and shield agents are jerks

Hey I'm looking for any tics where clint is
talked down to,
beat up,
or any thing else along those lines. i don't care who does it,
how it ends or if it is a AU (i like high school fics).
I also want any fics where clint gets harassed or any of the things in
the list above done to him while at shield or by a shield agent.
Thank you sooooooo much!!!!

Tony keeps falling and gets saved by Thor and by Loki

Hi everyone,

This is the first time I am posting in this community asking about a fic.  Please let me know if anything about this post is amiss.

Well, I am trying to find this fanfic where Tony's suit fails.  I just remember there was this one point where he is falling and, I think, Thor catches him and another moment when he is hanging onto Loki to stop himself from falling.  The team is asking where he was and he says he is with Loki and tells Loki to say hi to Thor.  Eventually, Loki teleports Stark back to the tower and Tony appears on top of his bed--suit and all.  Does this ring a bell for anyone?  I don't remember anything else about this story except those scenes but, for some reason, it is bugging me that I can't find it.