February 12th, 2014


Looking for 2 stories - OTP6

The 2 stories are written by different authors. One is from Tony's perspective & one from Cap's. In one universe Tony is part of a poly with the other avengers, in the other universe he is mistreated and disliked. He and the mean cap go thru a portal and end up in the universe where Tony is dead. The Polyvengers eventually seduce the new Tony. He wants to stay but feels he must go back to his universe. Jarvis plays a recording from the dead Tony convincing him to stay.

These stories were posted to AO3, and one was recently. I forgot to bookmark them. Help please.
  • amokima

Clint leaves SHIELD

I recently reread 'Some Hero' by fingeperson (if you haven't read it, I highly recommend the story) & got a hankering for similar fics. Does anyone know of any stories where Hawkeye gets chucked out of/is no longer trusted by SHIELD because of what Loki did to him? Or leaves by his own decision?



Bruce/Tony running together fic recs

I'm looking for fics along the lines of Circles of Rust and enigmaticblue's Trade My Life For Something New, where Tony and Bruce are on the run together, for whatever reason. I'd love fics where they meet on the run, or run together from something, or Bruce rescues Tony and takes him on the run, anything really.
Thanks : )