February 13th, 2014

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Team protects Clint?

Hi Everyone,

Thanks in advance for any time on this. I am looking for a fic (it might even be two seperate fics) I managed to misplace where the Military realizes that they can't get their hands on Bruce so tries to arrest Clint in the wake of New York, but the Avengers stop them. The other part I remember is that Clint was ordered to go to therapy, but the therapist turned out to be Thor's Mom, who also managed to heal Coulson.

(Any other recs involving those types of situations would also rock. :))

Thank you again! :) I really appreciate any help that I can get on this!

Looking for specific 'Loki on Midgard' fic

Trying to find a fic I read ages ago, Loki-centric.

1. He ends up on earth, found by a normal family (parents and kids)
2. Something to do with seedlings from Yggdrasil growing in a school and causing crazy magic things to occur.
3. He's got some sort of memory block on his powers/ memories
4. Its a pretty long fic, multi-chapter
5. Rated gen.
6. He saves the day with the help of the kids whose family he's staying with.

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Specific fic search: Clint/Coulson


I'm looking for a specific Clint/Coulson fic, I think it was an established relationship, where Clint starts nagging  because Phil is always busy with work and they have an argument during which Phil slaps Clint and then proceeds to feel terrible about it. I'm pretty sure it's from Clint's point of view and there was some emphasis on him being whiny or childish.

Anyone know this one? Or any similar fits where the relationship isn't smooth sailing?
I hope this is tagged right, this is my first post here.

Thanks in advance for any help!