February 17th, 2014


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From another com where I doubt anyone will answer:

Perhaps someone can recall these works by name.

There is one where Steve isn't eating as frequently as he should, because everything tastes a bit weird to him. I don't know that with his metabolism he could even do that, and he would have so many memories of food actually being bad or adulterated that I'm sure he'd eagerly consume something.

There is another (which is part of a series) that has him buying a beef in upstate as well as getting produce at the farmers' market.

There's another that has major parts set during the War, which includes a mealy apple and Steve getting into the potato peelings. The Col is pissed. This one is part of a series.

One with a bit about the Bond tour and one of the girls slipping him extra food, thinking of her brother that went through a growth spurt.

there are various ones with Steve spending rather a lot of time split between training and cooking/eating.

But yes, I'd think Steve would eat rather like an entire boarding house. Baked goods that are made with lard, dairy like he's personally funding Wisconsin and New Jersey. Chickpea and buckwheat. Coconut and chocolate. Avocados and olives. Steve has probably added whey and brewer's yeast to things that Tony wishes he's never seen.

I get rather upset at people that waste yolks. That's where the energy is in an egg. Steve, have this custard. ;)

Non-sexual Crossdressing

Hey guys,

I'm looking for any fics that include non-sexual crossdressing. Although, I don't know if crossdressing is quite the right word. I'm looking more for fics where a(ny) character wears what people consider gender inappropriate clothing--whether in public or private--just because that's who they are. I don't mind if the fic ends in sex, but I'm looking for something where that isn't the motivation for doing it.

Some examples of what I've read: Zipped Up and Undone by infiniteeight and Tony, Gender, and Steve by AgeOfAlejandro.



Alright I don't even know how to go about finding this fic apart from going through all the clint barton/phil coulson stories at ao3 so I'm hoping very very hard that someone will be able to help me out.

The thing is, I don't actually remember what the story was about, apart from the pairing obviously and the fact that it was very well written. In fact the only words I remember from it are from the author's notes which commented that the author was a very much a bottom!clint fan and this would be the only top!/dominant!clint fic they would ever write.

So... yes, a well written bottom!phil/clint on ao3. Clint was rather dominant and I think that he may have gotten jealous at one point and there was hot sex?

Sorry for my horrible memory and I would gladly take any other recommendations for well written bottom!phil/clint fics. Thanks very much in advance!