March 3rd, 2014

0R - Muffin


Hi, I am looking for a story I can't find...

What I remember of this amazing fic is that Loki falls in love with Steve but Steve can't forgive what he did in the invasion of NY, so Loki has to work to make it right. He impersonates an architect and ask forgiveness for most of the people he hurted. He even pretends to be death at the middle of it. It was awesome, and not cheesy even if what I just wrote makes it seem like it. Steve is really IC, and Loki's development is really slow. I would really like to find it.

Loki & Tony searches Clint/Tony pairing

Hhey everybody! Nice to meet you all. I'm afraid I'm a bit late into this game and the sheer amount of fics out there are really starting to scare me, So I hope you can help.

1. Fics that showcase what things were like before the Thor movie between Thor and Loki. I'm not looking for abise fics, or angst fics where they hurt each other on purpose. I would prefer some brotherly love fics where they go on an adventure (I won't say no to Loki getting injured or hurt).
2. Any fics where Thor is a loving and protective older brother (even ones where Loki is a villian and Thor still looks out for him)

3. Any autistic Tony fics? Because sometimes the character reminds me so much of how my little brother acts who has aspergers.
4. Any fics about the Arc Reactor and how it's keeping Tony alive, and the avengers finding out.

5. Any good Clint/Tony fics out there... I'm becoming rather entranced by their fannon super snark in fics and want to see some good pairing fics. Any will be fine.

Whump is fine, but I'd rather avoid non-con, or over the top emotional angsts please. And please no Thor/Loki. I prefer them as just brothers.

Thank you all so much!