March 4th, 2014

  • shax92

Bucky Fics!

Ok, so I'm actually looking for one specific Bucky fic, and also a general BAMF!Bucky search.

I've read so many great Bucky fics that it's hard to remember which is which, so for the specific one I'm looking for, I only remember one clear scene - Rhodey had just been introduced to Bucky, and he was basically in awe, saying how the cadets studied his and and the Howling Commandos strategies and stuff.

I don't remember the pairing, if there was any; just that single scene. Hopefully, it sounds familiar to you guys. *EDITED - FOUND! Link to fic found in comments.

Now for the general search, I'm mostly looking for fics set in the Avengers present time with Bucky being all badass and stuff. The Winter Soldier just speaks to me, ok!

For pairing, I prefer Bucky/Steve or Natasha/Steve. Or just gen really, but with a healthy dose of kickassery.

Thanks! :)