March 8th, 2014


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So I know Howard stark is canonically not a very loving parent to Tony, or at least, in Tonys pov he isn't. But I like Howard in captain America, and I hate that he became this not very nice man to his son.

So does anyone know some fics where Howard was a good dad, AUs or whatever, I'm not asking for him to cuddle tony and shower him with kisses, but just some fics where he shows Tony how things work, helps him build his first robot, shares stories about Capatain America, or takes his son out for ice cream when he wins the science fair.

Failing that, could I have some Steve and Tony fics where they talk about Howard. Can be fics where Steve finds out what kind of a man Howard turned into if that's all there is.

And lastly, any stories where tony, or ton and Bruce get kidnapped and have to escape using SCIENCE! Cause science bros are awesome. I've read the five reasons people kidnap tony stark fic, which was good, so something similar, no pairings nessecary, and I'm more than happy for tony whump!

Thank you all in advance!
Gangsta Dean

Looking for 2 specific fics

1. Clint is missing and buried somewhere underground. Coulson is still in his ear but Clint is running out of air and thinks he's going to die.  Natasha ends up finding him.

2. Clint and Natasha can't come down after a mission and are wandering the tower like zombies almost because they aren't eating or sleeping.  The team isn't sure what to do about it at first but then someone calls Coulson.   I think bathing may be involved...

Any help would be appreciated. I know both are on Ao3 but I can't seem to find them!

Thanks in advance :)
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Specific Tony fic (Unsure if pairings)

Tony is being haunted by a ghost or entity or something. I remember (I think) at one point he gets picked up and thrown into a wall. Then another he runs and hides in the closet with Steve as the thing tried to grab and claw him (I don't think it ever materializes?) There is a circle of protection or something of candles at one point, also maybe a amulet? That's pretty much all I remember. But I do remember it being scary, not just drama, like horror. Can't find though. Movie verse I THINK.

This has been bugging me so long guys I looked everywhere halp!
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Visit to Asgard

Hello! I have read some (but neglected to bookmark them, sadly) fics where one or more of the Avengers visit Asgard with Thor. I'm looking for more, even if the visit is not quite central to the story. I'd love if said humans show the Aesir that they are, in fact, just as badass, though such situation is not necessary. Thanks for any help in advance!