March 11th, 2014


Bruce and Tony and... And... Science bros!

Because I just watched ironman 3 and the scene at the end just killed me (you know, the one after the credits) because Bruce stays, he stays and he's Tony's friend and Tony tells him things and doesn't get all annoyed or angsty when Bruce fell asleep during the 'talk'.

So I need some Bruce and Tony fics, friendship, slash whatever (though I do like Tony/pepper, so threesomes work too). Just anything about how Bruce stayed and how they are friends and everything! Please!
Thewlis Wonder What I'm Thinking (Copper

New to this fandom, can't get enough Loki slash!

I can't believe there is a community for finding fics I might like to read!

The single most important thing to me is that the fic feature Loki very much in character with the movies. I'm looking for fics set in the movie Marvel universe,

I prefer relatively short fics that I can read in an hour or less. I don't like WIP unless updates are very frequent.

I originally thought Loki/Tony would be the hottest pairing in the world, but so far I haven't really liked what I've read. I was less excited about Thor/Loki until I read part of one I found really interesting. Generally in fanfic I'm totally turned off by het, but a well-written Loki could even get me to read it.

I do not want to read character death. Absolutely no. If you're going to kill off Loki, don't tell me about it.

I don't enjoy the really hard-core kinks, like blood play.

Thank you so much for this community and any replies I get. Since he casually grabbed my soul, I can't think about anything except Loki.

Ohhh! Looking at the tags made me think of hurt/comfort, with Loki physically injured and Thor or Tony caring for him. Pretty soon I'm going to be ready to write that myself.