March 18th, 2014


Tony Kidnapped and Confident Tony

1. I've looked through the kidnapped tag on the comm but most of the stories that are rec'd are slash! So I'm here for gen and het recs where Tony is kidnapped. I love it when Tony frees himself, and where he needs to be rescued. No major character death (Tony or another Avenger), or non-con.

2. So I'm a complete fan of insecure Tony, and how he feels as if he doesn't belong on the team and then they prove that he is valuable. However... I'm craving stories (het and/or gen) where Tony is more confident. Where he knows that he is valued by the team. In essence, I'm looking for strong-willed Tony being awesome and a great friend to others.

Self Recs are more than welcome! <3

Tony doesn't want to be a chore

I remember reading a fic when I was just getting into the fandom about the Avengers putting something along the lines of 'look after Tony' or 'give Tony a hug' on the groups collective to-do list. At some point, Tony gets angry that he is essentially delegated as a chore for the other members of the house. I don't recall anything else, plot-wise, but I think it was long-ish.

If you could help me out (despite the lack of details), it would be greatly appreciated!
&amp;gen: masked girl, Gen: Masked Girl

Loki, during Avengers

Hi all!

I recently read Damaged Defenders on ao3 and was wondering if there were any other similar fics out there? Where Loki's actions during the Avengers are attributed to mind control or something of the like?

I really enjoyed the Thor & Loki brother stuff in that fic, so something that emphasizes that would be great! I haven't read much Loki fic at all, so I'm really looking forward to it. :)

Thank youuu!
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Looking for specific anti-Asgard fic

Sorry, this is going to be really vague. I can only remember a few specific scenes, not even sure about pairings. Things I remember:
- Jane visits Asgard, is horrified and disillusioned by bloody boasts, barely manages to push off Thor's amorous advances; tries to warn ppl about Asgard when she gets back, isn't believed.
- Tony and another Avenger get drunk with/butter up Thor in a conference room to distract him/get info; Tony is so upset by something he hears he throws up.
- the overall tone is darkish and anti-Asgard, probably pro-Loki. Probably on the longer side.

Anyone? Thanks in advance!

ETA: Found! It's The Enemy of My Enemy by Kadorienne.