March 19th, 2014


Darcy, post-Avengers

What I remember about this story was that it was Darcy-centric and took place post-Avengers.  It was a Coulson!lives AU where he was in a coma for a while and Fury assigned Darcy to watch over him for an extended period of time.  Once he woke up, it was her job to watch out for him/help him.  Eventually the rest of the team finds out and both Natasha and Clint are upset and super-protective of Phil, to the extent that they are hostile towards Darcy.

I remember at some point there's a confrontation between Clint and Darcy after she's basically yelled at him for upsetting Phil while he's still recovering?  I don't remember if there were any 'ships in the fic, nor do I recall how long it was or whether or not it was complete.  Help, please!

Found!  "Elves Don't Die" on ao3