March 20th, 2014

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Movie Crossover-ish?

Please help!! I remember a fic where the team watches the Loki Comic-Con appearance and at first think it is real. But it is really just footage from another universe where all they have done is just in movies. Tony watches the first Thor movie and starts to side with Loki after seeing the truth of all that had happened. I think that part happens on Asgard.

I can't find it and I absolutely need to. Oh angels of storyfinding please help me.
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Dimension Swap AU and Bodyguard AU

I'm looking for two specific stories and I've forgotten where I read them. One was told from Natasha's POV where she wakes up in an alternate universe. One by one the other avengers wake up to themselves as well, I think after spending some time with Steve who is a bartender. I think the parings were Natasha/Bruce, Steve/Tony and Clint/Coulson. Clint might still have been under Loki's control.
The other is a story where Steve was Captain America and is now Tony's bodyguard, after what happened in Afghanistan. Tony hasn't been doing well and Steve helps him.  I remember one scene where Tony and Steve are arguing about two different things, not realizing what the other is arguing about. Steve broke Tony's front door and Tony was kidnapped again.
Does either of these ring any bells with anyone?