March 22nd, 2014

Young Sesshoumaru

"Real/Our World" Avengers Crossover?

Hi. I'm wondering if there are any fanfics out there that involve some type of crossover with this/our world where we have the movies and comics about the Avengers and they're just fictional to us--but somehow one of the Avengers comes to this world or maybe an actor gets transported to their world... Hijinks ensue as the person(s) try to get home etc. Or it could be treated seriously--I'd love to read any interpretations of this idea.

Any pairings or lengths fine. (But the longer the better!)

Thank you.

Clint in custody post-"The Avengers"

Hi! I just finished "Throw Your Heart Out" where Clint thinks he will be locked up by SHIELD because of the actions committed while under Loki's control. I am looking for stories where SHIELD, or some other organization, formally or informally, places Clint in some form of custody because of the actions in the movie. Thanks for your help.