March 29th, 2014

  • syl2sy

Found: Sick!Loki fic


I've lost a fic wherein Loki is sick and his magic goes wild that isn't The Loki Problem by elizamechanicka.

I remember that Loki is unconcsious and the Avengers put him in an isolated room.
In the room, Loki's magic goes wild and creates a fantastical landscape (I remember a tree growing in the corner of the bedroom and a family of blue squirrels - or chipmunks, I'm not sure).

I also remember that the Avengers are targets of some of those bursts of magic and their clothes changing randomly (I think Natasha ends up in a ballroom gown, Steve or Tony in a tux, Bruce shirt changing colors...) and that Loki's magic seems to have a mind of its own because it's meaner to Thor.

Does anyone know of this fic?

Thanks in advance,

Found by marie72: You Give Me Fever by forcryinoutloud