April 3rd, 2014

Lady Knight
  • meirta

Loki/tony golden apple

I'm sure I am going to kick myself as soon as someone tells me the name of the story I'm looking for. Loki gets Amora to slip Tony a golden apple while Loki is still in jail. Loki is then questioned by Odin and Loki admits it was just a con to get them to talk to him because he needed to warn them that Thanos is coming. Tony and Loki fall for each other and Tony has to face three challenges to prove his worth all be executed. A lot of other stuff happens in the middle, but those are some of my favorite moments. And tony has extremis and breathes fire on Fandral.

I swear I have it in my bookmarks but I can't find it. It is driving me loco.
Steve's shoulder

Specific fic search

Hi all, I'm looking for a specific fic. Unfortunately, I don't remember much other than it was Steve/Tony, they were in Tony's workshop, and while the two of them were talking to other team members who came down, Tony ran his fingers up and down Steve's spine, causing Steve to stand up straight. There may have been something about Tony liking it when Steve stood up straight-and-tall? I might be misremembering that part, though.

Thank you!

Loki/Jane Recs

I adore the Loki/Jane pairing. I even like it more than Thor/Jane, however I haven't found very many in my search. So I decided to come to you lovely and request your favorite Loki/Jane stories. I want the pairing consensual. I don't want Loki forcing himself on Jane or brainwashing her to fall in love with him. Self recs are very welcome.

An excellent example of what I'm looking for is: Fallen Star