April 6th, 2014

10/Rose Dance

SEARCH: Fic (Specific) ***FOUND***

I'm so glad I found this community!

I've been randomly looking for this fic for a while now, and it's driving me bug-hunting. It's genfic, with the team trapped in a cave (I think; it may be a cell, but I'm really leaning toward cave). Steve in particular is -- call it disbelieving when Tony announces he can get them out if they'll give him about an hour. He did awesome advanced math and physics in his head, which had Clint gaping, and when it worked, Bruce and Natasha were the only ones not surprised. I know that's not a lot to go on and I apologize for that. Here's hoping it rings a bell.


Link in Comments.
  • shax92

Searching for two specific fics

Hi all, looking for these two fics:

The first one is Bucky/Steve, and Bucky is a girl (always a girl!) and Steve has been keeping her secret since they were in the army. In the present, Steve becomes good friends with Coulson who is with Clint. Coulson believes Steve is gay and was with Bucky, and that one reason he always looked up to Captain America was because he found solace in his hero having loved a man as well. I think his aunt was Peggy, too???? Anyway, when the Winter Soldier is found, Coulson feels all betrayed because Steve had them all think he was gay when he'd been in love with girl!Bucky all along.

The second one, I can actually barely remember what it was about. I just remember this single thing about how the team had Movie nights, which everyone really thought of as experimental kitchen nights since Tony turned out to be amazing in the kitchen. At one point, Darcy found cookbooks stashed away somewhere????

Yeah, the second is pretty vague. The first is just at the tip of my tongue, I know, but I just can't find it!!

Anyway, hope you guys can help. Thanks!
  • lyricl

Looking for specific Steve/Bucky fic

Going crazy with this one guys. I swear I searched through 20 pages on AO3. I'm looking for a specific post-Winter Soldier storyline Steve/Bucky fic, classic "both are in love with each other but think it's unrequited." I think Bucky and Steve are living together? There may be a scene about how Steve realizes he's been "smothering" Bucky? This is so weird and specific, but all I can remember is a specific scene in which Natasha (mid-battle) is kind of heckling Steve about Bucky and kind of giving him an oblique version of the shovel talk, and Steve says something like "we're not like that." Natasha is like no way, and Steve, unfailingly honest, is like "well I am, but he's not." Natasha asks, "What exactly do you think we're talking about here Steve?" and Steve says "Feelings."

I remember loving this fic and apparently rereading it enough to remember all the dialogue from one scene but not the rest of it...Ring any bells for anyone???