April 8th, 2014

Jason Todd, Bucky Barnes

Looking for a piece of canon artwork?

More accurately, proof I am not going insane. I have this image in my head of Howard Stark basically going, picking up Obadiah and showing him a field/desert space and telling him that this is where he's going to build his new factory/company.

I know it was from before Iron Man 2, but I can't remember where it was. Does anyone else remember this or have I completely lost my marbles? (I'd like to know if I have, it's supposed to be quite fun)

Mods, as ever if this isn't allowed, I apologise and feel free to delete me
  • binyah

Specific Fic: Loki is surprised when his lover doesn't want him to change forms

I am fairly certain this was a Loki/Tony fic. In it, Loki is used to his lovers wanting him to change into different men or women when they have sex. He becomes used to people not wanting him, just wanting who/what he can change into. During his first time* with Tony, he is shocked when he realized Tony actually wants him.

*It may have not been first time, but something Tony realizes after a couple times.