April 16th, 2014

LF 2 Steve Rogers post-avengers fics

Both are very blurry, although I just read them a couple months ago. I could have sworn I saved them to my kindle, but now they're nowhere to be found.

The first has Steve suddenly back to his pre-serum self, and fighting along the avengers (I remember Tony/Iron Man), when he has an asthma attack. The Winter Soldier steps in and basically helps Steve through his attack, and after Steve says something like Bucky was the only one who could get him through an attack.

The second fic involves Steve and the Winter Soldier once again. Steve is captured by I think Hydra, and they're either torturing him or questioning him. All I remember is that the Winter Soldier told them to stop hurting Steve near the end of the fic.

I'm pretty sure both these fics came from Archive of Our Own, but possibly fanfiction.net. If you can help that would be so appreciated because I've been searching with no luck and am about to lose my mind!

Thorki Recs (I'd kiss your for mpreg)

Hi, I'm completely new to this fandom so bear with me!

I've trolled around a little and read some great Thorki fics, but I suck at finding more- so if ya'll could rec me some I'd die happy :)

I would love mpreg, jotun!Loki, or AUs! Other than that, not a whole lotta guidelines :)