April 17th, 2014

Tony is a Captain America fan

Hello. I'm looking for some fics where Tony has always been a captain america fan. I want to see him reacting to the news of them finding Cap alive or his thought process when he first meets Cap and his consequent feelings after (aka being questioned and looked down on by his hero. I also want to see the team and Steve himself finding out or something. Can be any pairing or gen (I would prefer tony/steve)

Anything along those lines would be great thanks!

Kid Clint

Hey everyone,
I'm searching a fic with the following details:
1,Clint is an kid(not deaged).
2,In the start he lives with a circus.
3,Pepper and Tony adopt him(I think).
4,No avengers(It happens in an complete AU).
5,JARVIS is a butler(or idk... but he works for Tony).

Thanks, I hope someone knows the fic :).
  • samtyr

Tony and flying roombas

I read this fic not too long ago and thought I had it saved but now I can't find it. (It was probably on A03 because it is so easy to save the fics found there.)

It was an Avengers fic with Tony busy inventing stuff. Also Loki may have been a part-time Avenger or something of the sort because he and Tony were working as a team.

What I remember best is that somehow Tony decided to "improve" roombas and kept on until he had made them so they could fly; he also wanted to buy the roomba company itself. I also remember that the Bad Guy was a dust cloud (?) ended up getting eaten by the flying roombas, which totally freaked the entire team out. Fury told Tony that the incident of the flying roombas put Tony in the Evil Overlord category.

Also, I think something *very nasty* happened to Dr. Doom and some of his higher-up officials. Maybe they were turned into pigs?