April 20th, 2014

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Steve/Tony Steve has to have sex because of SHIELD experimentation

Okay, so in the fic I'm looking for, Steve and Tony are already together, and Steve comes home from SHIELD one day really oversensitive and needing to orgasm really badly due to some SHIELD experiments but he can't get relief. Cue hot fic where Tony keeps fucking Steve as Steve comes multiple times... the main thing I remember about it is that eventually Steve starts crying because he's so overstimulated and there's a LOT of cum.
userpic, ianto/jacj

Steve/Tony time machine fic

Hey, so I'm looking for a story where Steve and Tony are together, I think them getting together is part of the story, and someone tells Tony or gets the idea in his head that if Steve had access to a time machine he'd leave Tony in an instant to go back to the 40's. So Tony decides to prove this person wrong so he goes and actually builds a working time machine.

Then Bruce calls Steve on the phone and tells Steve that Tony's made a time machine and could he not look impressed when Seve sees it and preferably tell Tony that he's not leaving.

I don't remember what happens after that except that it's a happy Tony/Steve ending.

It was defniately an archiveofourown story

Thanks for your time!

FOUND! Link in comments

Steve/Tony Fic

I read this fic once where clint approached steve about the possibility of some sexy times but then steve lost his powers and clint totally backed off. but tony was there to pick up the slack and they basically started a relationship when steve had his pre-serum body. Anybody know what I am talking about? I can't get it out of my head and would totally appreciate the help.