April 24th, 2014

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I read this fic awhile ago, I cant remember what site it was on, but it was about Loki sending letters to Tony because they were dating but Tony moved away. And Tony never wrote him back. And in the letters Loki would tell Tony about how he was self harming and I THINK he had an eating disorder too. And I specifically remember a part about Loki inviting Tony to his birthday party, and Tony RSVP'd saying he would and he never showed up.. Anyone know which fic im talking about??

Looking for Fics

Hey, I'm looking for two fics, both Darcy Lewis-centric.

1st Fic:
It's Darcy/Loki, sort of. Basic plot is that Loki shows up at Tromso, tries to brainwash Jane with his scepter, and Darcy manages to get it away from Loki and brainwash him instead.

2nd Fic:
Also Darcy/Loki. Basic plot I can't remember, but at the very end, Darcy and Loki are camping, and at the very end of the fic, Loki leaves a frying pan under her bed.

Any help would be awesome!