April 25th, 2014

Looking forBruce/tony fic


I saw this fic quite awhile ago when the movie was quite recent, it's a bruce/tony fic where Tony just barges into Bruce's room(?) as he is wont to do and catches a naked Bruce and gets an eyeful of his "package" which subsequently causesTony to keep thinking about it and I don't know what happened next as at that time I wasn't interested in the pairing...

And I think the part about Tony seeing Bruce's HUGE ahem is written in the summary? I can't remember if it was ao3 or ff.net ? Hope you guys can help!
  • binyah

Angsty/Whump Captain America fics

So, Captain America 2 made me actually like Steve Rogers! I have been reading a lot of Steve/Bucky fic but now want to branch out into Steve-centric fic. What I am looking for:

-Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Woobie, Just whump in general
-Anything focusing on how difficult Steve's past was (I have read a couple of good ones discussing how starved Steve felt/feels)
-Fics discussing Steve being awake and aware when he was frozen
-Fics discussing how the serum negatively effects Steve (always hungry, heals to fast, etc)
-I would prefer gen but pairings are okay as long as they are not the focus.
-If pairings, a focus on the fact that Steve grew up in a time where being homosexual was dangerous
-Happy endings (or at least ambiguous)

Any of the above would be awesome or any other stories you can recommend.

Specific post CA:TWS fic

I could have sworn I bookmarked this, but apparently not, and given the number of post-film fics that are appearing I don't like my chances of finding it again easily. As un-spoilery as possible, after the events of the film Steve ends up living in his apartment and gradually realises that someone is using it when he isn't there, including sleeping in his bed. I honestly can't remember if it ends up being slash or gen. Help?

Found: The Care and Feeding of Traumatized Ex-Assassins by Sholio.