April 27th, 2014

Looking for a Bruce-centric kidnapping fic

Considering how quickly the fic I posted about yesterday was found, I thought I'd try again.

This fic is movieverse, I think, and centers around Bruce; his past and his relationship with the team. General Ross finally gets his hands on what he wants (kidnaps Bruce) and the team are furious. I can't remember if SHIELD was involved, but I think Coulson was (on the team's side). The Avengers, of course, assemble to rescue Bruce, but they don't get to him before Ross can torture try to reverse-engineer an army of green soldiers from Bruce a little (Ross is of course unsuccessful). I remember quite clearly Tony wondering how he can get revenge on Ross and remembering that Ross has a daughter, but dismissing that notion pretty quickly - however, I don't know whether that belongs to this fic or another.

It's been bugging me for a long time that I can't remember this fic, so any help with finding it is much appreciated. Thank you!

FOUND - In Which the Avengers Take Exception to the Army Meddling in Their Affairs by megster. Many thanks to ammcj062 for locating it!
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Looking for Steve/Tony fic...set after Avengers


I can't remember much of the story. I don't even know if it is finished. I know it came out after the Avengers.

What I remember is something like this: Everyone goes their separate ways after Thor takes Loki back to Asgard. Tony is depressed / hurt by no one taking up his offer to move into the tower. It is very well written and very moving at this point.

Slowly the others start moving back in...Tony does think they don't want him or don't like him...of course, he is wrong, or misunderstood something but the hurt written in this part of the story is very good.

I can't remember much else which is very annoying to me...it is on AO3. PLEASE help me find it!
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Lost Cap. America fic (found!)

Hi guys!

There was this story I read maybe a year ago - about Steve having pinup pics, and from omc solider's POV - in the middle of the war. And yes, that's all I remember. *cries*
Does this sound familiar to anyone? Google and my bookmarks aren't helping me at all...

Edit: An awesome!anon found it: When the lights go on again by Margo_Kim
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Howard-focused fic recs?

Hello there—I was wondering if anyone could recommend any fics that deal with Steve, Tony, and Howard. I just read this lovely fic by Pookaseraph: The Family I Never Asked For that explores Steve and Howard's past and the almost-if quality of Tony and Steve. I reaaally enjoyed the focus on family aspect of that fic, so anything like that would be great! Any pairing is fine, but I'd prefer Howard to not be painted entirely as a villain.

Any recs will be greatly appreciated, thank youu!