April 28th, 2014

  • szuo

Steve as the Winter Soldier

Hi there!

I'm searching for a specific fic I remember reading (written before CA2).

It was an AU in which Steve fell from the train and Bucky crashed into the Arctic, with a happy ending. Bucky wakes up in the future and is asked to take on the Captain America mantle, which he does, and later they find and rescue Steve, who (I think) keeps the Winter Soldier codename rather than taking it back.

Specific things I remember:

Steve refuses to take part in missions which further the interests of the American government
He's still pretty socialist after the de-brainwashing, and reads Marxist(?) stuff
He donates his army pension to some kind of moscow widows & orphans fund

Does anyone know this fic?

It's definitely not any of the following (though these are also great):
Full of Grace
A Mirror, Dimly
The Ghost and the Machine
  • sscg01

Tony/Steve, Steve is not updated on the equality movements of subs, forces Tony down

I am going crazy looking for this fic! Someone please help!

All the Avengers are doms except for Tony, and Steve, having just woken up finds his behaviour very inappropriate for a sub. Obviously, things have moved in in society, but nobody bothered to tell Steve that subs are more or less equal now. He gets sick of Tony 'acting out' and 'disciplines' him the way he was taught at school (forcing him down, and coming on him)

The others are all horrified, and look after Tony, who does forgive Steve eventually.
Ze Hot

Help Finding Fic!

I have been searching forever for this fic. Here are the criteria:

- It is ComicVerse
- It is a post Civil-War fic: In it, Steve is dead and everyone blames and turns their back on Tony. Osborn essentially has Tony under his thumb, has control over Extremis, and basically owns Tony.

Tony is fading away and no one is there to see it.

Cue disaster where Tony basically kills himself saving everyone and Steve's ghost comes down to chastise all the other heroes and basically take Tony up to heaven where everything will be okay.


Thank you!