May 4th, 2014

part of a specific fic

I'm looking for something that is part of a larger fic or series. There are people outside Avengers Tower with signs saying Tony should die. Steve is upset and thinks they should report it. Well talking about people wanting Tony dead Natasha says she took a job to kill Tony. But she didn't because she was undercover as a waitress and Tony stopped the guy assaulting her.
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Tony/Loki, Non-con/rape, Loki is the good guy for once

This fic (pretty sure it was call "of all the places and all the people" or something like that) was so good (despite being a WIP :( )
The plot line was that Loki had escaped after the Avengers movie and was hiding on Earth. He happens to go into a brothel and see Tony there. While he still considers Tony an enemy, he thinks no one should be treat like that. He rescues him and nurses him back to health. Tony becomes attached to Loki and doesn't want to leave him. Eventually, Loki tries to leave Tony and Tony get recaptured by the brothel. ANd that's where the author left it.

If anyone can find it, I would greatly appreciate it!

Looking for 3 fics-All Tony related

Evening all,

I've run into trouble tracking down a few stories so I thought I would turn to the experts here.

1.  Nick Fury is Tony Stark's (unofficial) godfather.  I read this one a while ago and I cannot for the life of me track it back down.  Howard asked Fury to be Tony's godfather, but Fury turned him down since it was too dangerous.  However, he still considers Tony to be his godson and he watches over him closely.  I think the story included Fury rescuing Tony when he was kidnapped as a child and I'm nearly positive that it had SHIELD trying to locate Tony in Afghanistan.  There is a scene towards the end when the invasion happens and Tony flies the nuke through the portal and Fury is worried sick because he is afraid his godson won't come back.  Does this ring a bell with anyone?
          1.a.  Any stories where Fury is Tony's godfather/raised him/is fond of him for whatever reason, or watched out for him when he was a child.  While I love the characterization of Fury being a dick and I love him butting heads with Tony, I'm craving some positive Fury/Tony interaction, with Fury having a soft spot for Tony and his antics.  I know this kind of story is a rare bird, but does anyone have any ideas?

2.  Steve/Tony where they are preparing for their wedding and Bucky is found alive (in the mountain pass where he fell maybe?)  And suddenly rather than prepping for the wedding Steve is sitting at Bucky's bedside clinging to his hand.  Tony, being the insecure man that he is, decides that Steve was only settling for marrying him and now that Bucky is back he is going to break up with Tony.  So he tells the press in a moment of pure emotion that "Steve dumped my skanky ass!" and takes off and hides for a week in the house he had prepared for their honeymoon.  This misunderstanding is finally resolved when he is heading back to New York to move out and stops to help the Avengers fight in Disney World (?).  Thor and Bruce sit on him until Cap arrives and clears up the misunderstanding, tells the press that they are still getting married, and Coulson is currently bringing (kidnapping) the priest.  Bucky and Natasha are together, which is a really big "oh" moment for Tony.

3.  Tony and Steve are at a party and an old "friend" from Tony's past is there and being obnoxious and handsy.  I think it is Tiberious Stone but it may be another dick from Tony's past.  There are so many of them.  Fairly sure it isn't Hammer, but I could be wrong.  I shall call the "friend" Dick from here on out.  Anyway, Dick corners Tony in an empty room and tries to convince him to cheat on Steve.  I believe that Dick had previous slept with Rumiko when she and Tony were dating.  Dick is peeled off of Tony by Steve and grabs one of the glasses of "cider" he had brought for Tony (who is a recovering alcoholic) and gulps it while storming off.  Tony and Steve have very hot sex in the room.  When done Happy interrupts them to show them a passed out Dick outside.  It is implied that he had added a date rape drug to Tony's glass and grabbed the wrong glass on accident.  Tony tells Happy to find Dick's handlers after he sneaks out with Steve.  On the way home Happy texts Tony to tell him the room was wired and that there is video of him sleeping with Steve (implication is Dick arranged it to film him sleeping with a drugged Tony to sell to the media about Tony cheating on Steve).  Tony tells Happy to destroy the tape but Steve asks for a copy since he finds it hot and has been wanting to film them anyway.

Do any of these ring a bell for anyone?  I'm pretty sure all of them were on AO3 and my search-fu is failing me it seems.  I'd appreciate any help.


Edit:  All three are found in the comments.  You guys rock.  Thanks so much everyone who helped out.

Loki feed team with golden apples

Hey, I'm lookig for a specific fic where Loki realizes that Avengers are only mortals and they geting old some he made diversion to keep Thor away I'm kidnap whole team and force theme to eat golden apples. They eat apples for few weeks before he let Thor find them. Steve and Bruce must eat twice numbers of apples than rest because they are superhumans. Rings any bells??