May 5th, 2014

Merlin bbc

Steve doesn't stop

So today I finally read some of the civil war comic (just the stony parts xD) and I keep thinking what if Steve didn't stop and he actually killed tony, so please is there any fics like that
Also I am looking for fics where steve doesn't get killed, and actually has a trial for treason
Spoonful of shugah (innerpoise)

Tony/Clint: soulmates (specific story)

Hello All,

I was looking for a specific Tony/Clint soulmate story (as per my subject line), and I was hoping someone here might know which one I'm talking about.

I'm pretty sure that the type of soulmate story that I'm looking for included soulmate marks or prints, or something like that -- it might have been numbers.

Anyway, in the story, Tony has been looking for his soulmate for a long time, and he created this database-thing for people to find their soulmates in an effort to find his own, but it hasn't helped him. One day, Clint gets caught on camera or something like that, and Tony realizes that he's his soulmate. Cue enormous search with a whole bunch of people coming to Stark Industries to be vetted, claiming to be the man Tony saw.

Meanwhile, Clint is living with Phil and Natasha, and they're getting ready to move again, when Coulson or Natasha sees media coverage of Tony's search and -- I think -- convinces Clint to go to SI, but then maybe he chickens out? Something like that, and then Tony sees him and goes after him... it ends happily.

I know I read this somewhere, but when I try to search for it, I keep getting linked to "Down from the divide", which is a very nice WIP that is similar to -- but not the same as -- the story I'm looking for.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

(ETA: Found in comments!)