May 8th, 2014

  • sonten

Steve is young

There is this fic I read -long- ago on a kinkmeme - sadly no idea which. It was about the others realizing how young actually Steve is. Either gen or Steve/Tony, and that's all I remember... (edit: found - link in the comments)
My google-fu is failing, and would love to reread that story/or any story with this theme. Help?
  • neqs

Looking for any Bucky/Loki fics

The parallels between Loki and Bucky just hit me (kickass former sidekicks of big blonds, falling to their doom, frosty associations, understandable mental issues) and now I can't stop wondering if there are fics where the two interact in any meaningful way (my AO3 search-fu failed utterly). I'd like a pairing fic but will gladly take any well-written fic that draws parallels between them, slash, het or gen. Anyone? Thanks in advance!