May 15th, 2014

Specific Search Tony finding Bucky

Ok I remember pretty much nothing about this story so sorry in advance.

All I know is Tony went to find Bucky for Steve and he was like down in this cavern/trench/someplace that Tony had to go way far down. I'm pretty sure it was in the same spot where he fell off the train. I think Spiderman helped at some point.

It is possible that Tony and Steve had been dating or dated previously but I'm pretty sure Tony wanted to find Bucky to make Steve happy. Also I'm pretty sure there was some kind of danger around the rescue. Like Tony knowing it was possibly a trap but doing it anyway.

Sorry for the vagueness but I hope someone recognizes this a little.
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Team turns their backs on Tony

Hello hello!
I was looking for more fics similar to Newborn by Ilerre and First Impressions and Second Chances by lilsmartass, where tony finds himself wrongly accused and/or shunned by the team, especially ones that end in the team, one way or another, finding out the truth and regreting it. tony doesn't necessarily have to forgive them. any pairings and ratings as long as it's complete!