May 20th, 2014

Specific Search: Tony forced to take drugs

Ok I'm looking for a story where Tony is kidnapped and is forced to take drugs. He had a problem with drugs when he was younger a believe and the kidnappers whole purpose was to get him addicted to drugs.

Tony gets back with the Avengers but he still has the addiction and ends up taking drugs and the team gets upset not knowing what went down with the kidnapping.

I believe Tony fights with the team and goes to California where he continues to do drugs and is taken in by someone who helps him out.

Hope someone recognizes this!
  • shax92

Steve/Bucky, recovery on the couch


There's this fic that's formatted with the days, basically, 0 being the day the Bucky and Steve reunite (I think) and afterwards, the number gets bigger and bigger as the Winter Soldier rediscovers himself as Bucky Barnes... He and Steve get pretty domestic but a few months in, Natasha barges in and gets angry at Steve for being stupid enough to house the Soldier.

I honestly can't remember what it is! So I'd be eternally grateful if someone can remember :)


Ladies of Marvel - recs

Exactly what the title suggests. I'm looking for recommendations focussing on the ladies, especially Pepper (!), Darcy, Natasha and Jane. I don't mind them being paired with anyone, really, but I would love something focussing on their character and/or how incredible they are at what they do.

Also, if anyone knows any good fanvids about any of the above or all at once, I will give you my eternal gratitude, possibly my firstborn too.

Thanks in advance. =)