May 22nd, 2014

looking for a fic

I am looking for a fic where tony loki and bruce become science buddies. There is a mention of drunken screabble, filming things and uploading them to youtube, a tesle project that becomes a weapon for loki and 3 stark industries scientist watching loki with the tesla thing
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Looking for Post-Winter Soldier fic

Hello, I am looking for a couple of Bucky/Steve post-winter soldier fics. They might be the same fic, I don't quite remember.

1. Where Bucky follows Steve out of the hospital (I think). Steve and Sam are staying together. Steve notices Bucky and goes after him, in which Bucky hides and Steve jumps from the nth floor and Sam yells after him "Use the stairs!" or something along those lines because Steve was still wounded.

2. Bucky slips into Steve's room to watch him sleep.