May 23rd, 2014

Loki and minions

Regency AU

I'm looking for any regency AU recs (a la Pride and Prejudice). I've already read An Assembly Such as This by lady_ragnell and Not Such a Compromise by Pookaseraph, which are both fantastic stories that I highly recommend. I will read any slash pairing involving Tony or Clint/Coulson. Thanks!

Frostiron fic: Loki stabbed Tony when Tony was helping him escape from Shield

Hi, I am going crazy finding this fic:
Loki was captured by Shield and Tony was the one who interrogate him but he stopped some sort of drip intentionally to allow Loki to escape but Loki stabbed him in the side. And then Steve came to rescue.
Later Tony and Loki developed a relationship and Aroma, in a spell by Odin came and wanna kill Tony using Loki's 'knife(?)' which nearly kill Tony but didn't becoz Loki already gave him the apple.
Tony even rescued Loki from Odin later on and they seemed to be working together to save Thor.
I am will be most grateful if any of one know the fix T^T

Very little to go one, but please

So I only remember two scenes from this fic, but they are eating at my brain. Please help me.

Tony Stark watches as Darcy flies by SHEILD security, tries to introduce himself. Darcy freaks him out by telling him she's pregnant and the father won't call her back, only for Clint to call her a lier. Clint and her hug, and I'm pretty sure she gets mad at him for not calling her for her birthday.

Natasha is mad the Clint ditched her with the new recruits. She finds Clint curled up on a couch with a sleeping Darcy, who she has never met before.

That's all folks.

Tony learnt magic from the teacher of Loki and tricked Odin to save Loki?

Hi, I am looking for this fix, but my memory is a bit messy...hopefully there would be someone able to recognise the fix T^T:
The middle to later part of the story is that Amora was sent to kill Tony because Loki loved him and she was under a spell of Odin. And at some point, Tony was injured and took to Asgard where Loki's teacher taught Tony magic and Tony has picked that up fast.Later Tony tricked Odin and claimed he would help him catch Loki in exchange to be a citizen of Asgard but he was actually saving Loki?
red_coat & Eiffel tower

Steve/Tony kid fics

Hi guys, I am searching for any Stony kid fics you can rec, but also these specific ones:

Tony's son doesn't like Steve bc he thinks Steve ordered Tony into the portal at the end of the Avengers

Tony has an autistic son

And I know there's a fic with Mockingbird in the titke but I can't find it -- think its a well loved kid fic too