May 25th, 2014

severus rogue
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Specific Fic : Tony/Steve

I have blurry memories of the fic. (I think it was on AO3 but not sure.)

- I know that's a Stony fic.
- Red Skull / The Mandarin / Doctor Doom are the big enemies (they strike at the same time)
- Tony is a self-sacrifing bastard. I think he electrocuted himself against the Mandarin.
- Bucky shot Red Skull right in his face.
- Angst everywhere.

Thank you so much !!!

EDIT : found it =>
Thank you again !
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Steve/Bucky Specific Fic and General Rec

Hello, looking for one specific fic, plus any Steve/Bucky recs.

The fic is set in present day, after Bucky recovers his memory from his time as the Winter Soldier and is avoiding Steve. Steve is nervous, because days before Bucky died back in the war, they slept together and never got a chance to talk about it. He corners Bucky who says something to the effect of, "Don't worry, buddy, I won't tell anyone you're homosexual. Don't want to tarnish Captain America, just friends helping each other out." There is pining galore, from Bucky who doesn't think he's good enough and Steve, who thinks Bucky is rejecting him. Steve also does an interview with a reporter and comes out on national TV, I think?
Also, any awesome Stucky fic recs would be welcomed!

Any help in these two areas would be appreciated.