May 26th, 2014

Specific Frostiron kidnapping fic! *FOUND*

HI!  I was hoping that someone could help me find this specific fic!  I've been dying to read it again!!!

Tony is famous and he starts a relationship with Loki.  I think that not many people were happy about it...  Tony and Loki get into a fight and Loki runs off, feeling unappreciated.  He arrives at a bar and a guy puts something into his drink and then kidnaps Loki.  I think it was Bucky.  Bucky locks Loki in his basement.  Meanwhile, Tony grows worried and starts a search for Loki.  Steve notices that Bucky is acting weird but doesn't realize that Loki is in his basement.  Loki starts to develop Stockholm Syndrome.

I think it was a WIP.

PLEASE!  Someone help me out!


I've looked for this before but never found it. The story takes place after the Avengers movie and eventually, Tony, Pepper and Bruce get together romantically. The one scene that I really remember is when Pepper suddenly comes to the realization that one reason Tony brought Bruce home and into their relationship is so Pepper won't ever be alone, because the Hulk can't die. Even if Tony dies while being Iron Man, Pepper and Bruce will still have each other.