May 29th, 2014


Loki thrown into unpredictable situations / Laufey being involved

I was on ao3 and was just reading Ice maiden Loki where he wasLaufey's betrothed who is reclaimed at the start of film one. And between that and Wandering Child I now suddenly need high quality fics like these where Loki finds himself in horribly unpredictable situations with a dash of culture shock. I'm particularly fond of fics where Laufey acts loving or kind to him and is his dad. And though I like Loki painted in a sympathetic light I love it when his attitude remains and where he continues to be a lil shit/bamf even under any confusion, hurt, or indignation at needing rescue.

Search for Loki& Clint friendship fics

Hello all of you,

I'm searching for any and all fanfictions that show Clint Barton (or Bruce/ Hulk) and Loki growing closer. It doesn't matter to me, if Clint is adopted, or a true child of Loki or if they become friends.

So far I've read several stories where they were lovers, and they were good, but I've a craving now for a more different kind of relationship between these two.

Would be great if you could rec me some! :D
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Loki, collab fic in kinkmeme

Hi guys,

I'm looking for this amazing kinkmeme prompt fill put up ages ago. Basically, the prompt asked for Loki travelling all over the world (I can't remember if it was set before or after Avengers) and basically becoming this internet phenomenon with people taking photos of him showing up all over the world. I think he was named something like The Man in the Scarf??? I'm not sure, but it spawned this amazing thread where a lot of fillers put Loki in their hometowns and basically described the experience of seeing him and then posting it on tumblr. I think the very first fill was during a baseball game.

I really hope to find it, since it was an incredible (meta) read.

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I've had Loki filtered out of my Ao3 results since basically forever because of the large ratio of questionable quality. However, having re-read the excellent Underground recently, I am craving more.

I'm looking for:
- plotty, well-written fics
- featuring either morally ambiguous Loki or Loki whose path to 'good guy' status is long and gradual

Fine with:
- Loki as a supporting character
- Fics set in Asgard or Midgard, pre-canon or post
- Gen, het or slash

I'm NOT interested in:
- Super dark Loki (e.g. gratuitous torture, rape)
- Loki apologetics (i.e. 'Loki is a misunderstood woobie who was abused as a child'.)
- Loki/Thor (as someone with an adopted sibling, 'they're not technically related!' is not a compelling argument to me...)
- Loki/OFC-from-Earth unless the fic is actualfacts the best thing to ever exist in the history of storytelling

Thanks in advance!
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Tony/Steve, meet in a MPRPG

I was hoping someone could help me find a fic that was posted a while back (possibly pre-Avengers). It was set before Iron Man 1 and Tony and Steve (who was not Captain America but a soldier serving in the middle east) meet while playing online RPGs. Steve has no idea who Tony is, thinks "Tony Stark" is a flashy annoyance, and is put out/confused/upset (?) when his online friend disappears after the Stark weapons demo in Afghanistan.

I completely don't remember what happens after Tony escapes.


Found: Full Disclosure