June 1st, 2014


Specific fic search: Tony/Loki trapped on Jotunheim

I'm looking for a specific fic with only some vague memory of reading it. Here's what I remember:

Tony and Loki are for some reason stranded on Jotunheim and I recall them setting off into the depths of Jotunheim (also recall issues with the Iron Man armor). I think they end up crossing some frozen lake and ending up inside the palace? And Tony is injured in this journey? Possibly on the run from frost giants? **edit: Loki and/or Tony was being tortured by the frost giant leader in the palace in the last chapter i read.

I'm not sure if this was a wip or if I just don't recall the ending. Does any of this ring a bell to anyone? I thought this was a longer multi-chapter fic but I may be wrong.

I thought this was the fic Boreal Involvement, but that only starts on Jotunheim and quickly returns to Earth.


Search: Specific Fic Tony building Natasha a toy

I'm pretty sure I read this initially on AO3. All I really remember is Natasha throwing away a broken vibrator and cursing it in Russian. Tony witnesses it and decides to make her a better toy. Natasha is surprised at Tony's ability to understand her cursing.  I don't even remember the pairing or if it was a group fic (although I'm leaning towards polyvengers).  Searching 'Natasha + sex toy' on AO3 yielded some interesting results but not the fic I'm looking for.  thanks!