June 8th, 2014

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Rescue!Fic with Coulson, Natasha, and Clint being BAMFs

Okay, so I'm looking for a fic I think I read aout a year ago that featured someone on the team being taken by someone (I wanna say General Ross took Bruce, but I'm honestly not sure cause I think I remember Natasha and Clint trying to get through to them in the room so they can get them out, it may have been Tony honestly). Here are the parts that I'm pretty sure are accurate:

  •    I think the kidnapped team member was being held in the pentagon or some other government facility.

  •    I know that Phil, Natasha, and Clint tried to be subtle when they first went in but that was eventually blown to hell and they ended up having to fight their way out. I think Steve, Tony and Thor were helping outside maybe?

  •   I'm pretty sure Fury said they weren't allowed to go rescue their teammate, but they decided to ignore him which was a pretty big deal for phil.

  • Whoever was being held was injured somehow before they got there and Natasha and Clint got minor gunshot wounds during the escape part

I just remember everyone being total badasses and fighting for their teammate, and I just really want to read it again.

Sorry if this is super confusing, I tried to make it as clear as possible. Thank you so much!!

Fic Request

Does anyone happen to have a copy of Altrutix's fiction that they wouldn't mind sharing with me?

There’s Pride and Prejudice

And then there’s being Thor Odinson and Loki Laufeyson, who are heirs to the kingdoms of Asgard and Jotunheim, respectively, and everyone expects them to wed. Except, they kind of hate each other. Maybe.

i know that goodbye means nothing at all
Summary: Apparently, the universe thought it would be marvelous to watch Helblindi and Balder desperately try to get out of the wedding while their elder brothers ran around making eyes at one another and flirting outrageously. The irony of all this was that originally, it had been Thor and Loki that were to be wedded.
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Looking for a fic where Steve is lied to

I'm looking for a story where Steve comes to Tony saying Shield give him a number for Peggy but he doesn't think it is really for her and he is right. There is a gas bomb that hurts Tony's Eyes at Steve's apartment and Agent 13 is a part she was supposed to seduce Steve. Does anyone know what i'm talking about I hope so it is making me nuts trying to find it.
goth girlz

Looking for a Loki fic

 Hey, I'm searching for a fic where Loki somehow ends up spending time with the avengers,I remember that there was a spar where Loki and I think Sif sparred and Loki won without magic or his shirt? I think Darcy said someting about how Thor was pretty cut but Loki was all muscle? I know he started up a friendship with Clint and tried to help him get over Natasha,he had a mansion of his own in California? And had been married to a human woman at one time,I think she died?

 Any help is appreciated thanks.

specific fic and fic recs

1. The avengers are making a chore chart and someone (Clint?) puts hug Tony as a chore. Steve gets the job.

2. Fics, preferably Stony, that focus on Steve dealing with PTSD.

3. I've seen lots of fics where Tony tries to change for Steve. Can anyone rec me some where Steve is insecure and tries to change for Tony. Like he studies up on sex and science.
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One specific, some general

1. Looking for a short fic that might have been on a kinkmeme. In it, Loki is a child but Thor's consort. Thor has never done anything with Loki and has no desire to until he is of age. But the Avengers meet Loki and question whether or not Thor has done anything (but Thor assures them he has not). I remember that Loki does something (maybe like pressing his fingers to Thor's lips?) that Thor thinks is clever because it is Loki's way of showing he loves Thor without it being creepy.

2. Any fics where Steve is tortured.

3. Fics where Steve is lonely or insecure (about his body post-serum or his life).

4. Fics that show Steve being protective over people he cares about (Avengers, Bucky, etc).

Any pairings/ratings. No character death.