June 14th, 2014

Doctor Who [Donna]

extremis Pepper

I saw this on tumblr recently and nobody there seemed to know what the fic being referenced is, so (assuming it is a real fic), maybe you amazing people can help:

#but in one fic i read recently #bucky keeps questioning why tony talks about his girlfriend like she can breathe fire #because they’ll be fighting a monster and tony legit thinks the next level up is getting pepper #and bucky’s like #NO DUDE YOU’RE THE SUPERHERO #but then it turns out no pepper really does breathe fire sometimes tony was right (tags via ifeelbetterer)

by shantalanadevil

LFS: Tony builds a lightsaber, sonic screwdriver-Found


I'm hoping someone was smarter than I am and bookmarked these 2 terrific fics. Neither is very long, and I'm almost positive I read both on AO3 but have not been able to find either of them. In the first, Tony built a lightsaber, it was a team fic, I think (not sure if it was purely gen or slash/pre-slash Steve/Tony), and at first Steve was disapproving, but then he saw how much fun they were though ultimately Fury proves to be a killjoy. In the second, Tony builds a sonic screwdriver. That is all I remember about that one.

Any help much appreciated!

Thank you,

ETA: Found, in comments, by monicaop--Thank you!