June 15th, 2014

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Lost Clint Baking Fic... ***FOUND***

Recently I was reading some Avengers fic with Clint cooking and it got me thinking of a story that featured Clint baking cookies(??), but I don't remember much about the actual story. What I do remember is:

  • It was a longer Steve/Tony fic (or maybe a fic series)

  • I think it might have had a Coulson/Clint pairing (but I'm not completely sure about this)

  • It featured either a chapter or a one-shot in the series about a completely involved process about how a BAMF!Clint bakes his cookies(??)

  • He follows a precise recipe such as timing and ingredients, guarding against Thor stealing them before they are done (perched high up in the kitchen with his bow maybe)

  • It featured the rest of the team in hilarious ways and adorably fluffy ways.

  • I think that almost as soon as the cookies were done everybody converged and they we gone in minutes (???)

  • The chapter/one-shot might have featured the actual recipe for the cookies

That is pretty much all I remember... I just know that I laughed at the Clint POV as he got completely involved in the baking process and how it required a strict adherence to the process to ensure they were actually completed and that the was something to eat in finished form because of the rest of the team being lured in by the delicious smell.

Anyways, if you guys could help me find the fic I would be greatly appreciated!

ETA: Found by gaaak, link in comments!
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Fic Where Thor Gets Everyone Into The Habit of Kissing Each Other

Yeah, basically what it says in the title.

Apparently in Asgard, everyone kisses everyone. So when he comes to Earth, he spends time with the Avengers, and starts kissing them too. At first, they're kind of weirded out, but eventually it just becomes normal and they start doing it too. I'm pretty sure that at one point, Tony walked into the kitchen in the morning all tired and groggy, fell, Clint or Bruce caught him, and Tony kissed him in thanks.

So yeah, I know that's not a lot to work on, but if anyone knows the fic or one like it, it'd be very much appreciated.

Thank you!