June 21st, 2014

Specific fic where the serum didn't cure Steve's asthma

I've been looking for this fic for the past week and I can't find it!  It's based on the premise that the serum made Steve strong, fast, and so forth, but didn't actually cure all of his health problems, and he still sometimes had asthma attacks when he'd been pushed very far.  He tried to keep it a secret, but then he had an attack that was so bad he almost died, and Tony saved him by putting him in the suit.  It's definitely on AO3, and if I remember correctly it has a somewhat vague summary.
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Looking for Some Steve/Tony Fic Themed Recs...

Heya All,

I'm in the mood for a couple of certain types of fics, so I am hoping all of you can help me find some. :)

1). I was one hold today and there was an old Eric Clapton song on the hold-line and it got me thinking about what Steve Rogers would think of the song (I know, completely random thought), but once I started thinking of that I started thinking of his thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc to the modern world and now I am craving fics like that. I am looking for Steve/Tony centric fics (either, pre-slash, first-time or established relationship) and basically Tony/the Avengers/etc introducing Steve to new things about the modern world from music to TV/Movies to slang, food, clothes, etc. :-D Any rating is welcome!

2). Okay, so I was introduced to this kind of trope through the Arthur/Merlin fandom, but I am looking for Steve/Tony fics that center around (or feature scenes about) how the public reacts to Captain America and Iron Man dating/getting/married/having kids, etc. Basically I am just looking for fangirls shippng "Stony" and them finding out about it, news media constantly posting articles about them, reporters vying for interviews, speculation about their sex life, etc. This can be pre-slash, first-time or established relationship. Any rating is welcome!

Thanks in advance!

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Bruce/Clint Fic - FOUND

Hi, everyone! This one is driving me crazy! I feel like I've been all over AO3 looking for it!

It's Bruce/Clint and I remember it featured Kurt Wagner.

In the beginning, Clint is looking for Bruce and he asks a barkeeper where he can find a monster. He ends up finding Kurt and helping him escape from some baddies. The part I remember most is that Clint finds Bruce and he's standing in front of some windows and gets shot a few times. Kurt shows up and transports Clint and Bruce to safety and I'm pretty sure that Bruce shares some of his blood to save Clint.

Can anyone hlep???

Edit: Found in Tags!

Pepper Potts- Recs request

Good evening,

I have a sudden yen to read more fics with Pepper Potts in a leading role - the more awesome the better, the longer the fic also the better (I love long fic) if anyone would be able rec me some, that would be brilliant. I have already read through those recced in the Pepper Potts tag on here but my voracious appetite has yet to be sated.

I love Gen fic but am also open to all ships (het and slash) although would prefer no PWP snippets, please- I need plot, the longer and more interesting the better! I also prefer fics set at least roughly in an Avengers universe (e.g. not a no-powers AU, but othe than that any amalgamation of movieverse/comic verse/ agents of shield verse goes for me).

Many thanks!

- localfreak.