June 24th, 2014


Searching two fics

Hello !

I'm looking for two fics that I read soms months ago :

The first one is a Tony/Loki, a Tony from an alternate universe  appear in front of Tony, the Loki from that other universe follow him, the two from alternate universe are together. Tony doesn't like alternate!Tony, Loki hate alternate!Loki, mostly because alternate!Loki is aesir and hate jotun.

The second is recent I think, it must have been published this year, it's a one-shot. Loki incrust himself at the tower, the avengers don't know how to react, at the end, one of them ask Loki why his eyes aren't blue, and he just say that a Hulk hit him, after that they accept his presence more easily.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Found the first one, it's Two is Not Always Better by Runic.
Dean - HOTM

Avengers AU - Steve and Bucky


I'm looking for an Avengers AU fic. It follows the movie the same until Steve finds Bucky frozen on the helicarrier instead of the weapons. I remember that Steve brought Bucky back to the Avengers when they were arguing before the attack. I think it was a Bucky/Steve fic but can't find it anywhere!!

Thanks for any assistance!!!